Our Bioverse

When you marvel at the infinite night sky, what are your thoughts? Do I have any significance in a universe of unimaginable immensity? Based on impeccable science, it can be affirmed that you are a permanent force in the fabric of our planet and the entire cosmos. Bioverse explains these vital connections and offers transforming messages that can guide you toward a longer and happier life:

From within a radical new cellular-microbial foundation, Bioverse presents practical strategies to improve your health, protect your loved ones, and lead a more fulfilling life. Through its novel scientific insights, Bioverse reveals a universal truth. Each of us plays a consequential role in a miraculous cosmic continuum.

Dr. Miller is working on a book about this topic.

About The Author


Dr. Bill Miller has been a physician in academic and private practice for over 30 years. During that period, there have been spectacular advances in biology, medicine, genetics, and microbiology. A combination of observations about patterns of disease from medicine with current scientific discoveries in cellular biology, virology, and microbiome have propelled provocative insights into our co-evolutionary journey.

His research began by uncovering previously unappreciated unifying impulses that underscore biology at every sale. Every living creature is intelligent in its own way and to its own limits, from single cells to whales. The productive use of information by any living things depends on that 'knowing' assessment of information. It is only individual cellular intelligence that permits the critical cell-cell communications that permit us to seamlessly function as humans with our trillions of cells. Our cells have...