Evolutionary Biologist - William B. Miller, Jr, M.D.

Evolutionary Biologist – Leading proponent of Cognition-Based Evolution (CBE).

Expert on the Microbiome and Infectious Disease – Industry and Health Consultant.

Physician in active medical practice for 30 years.


Cognition-Based Evolution (CBE) offers a comprehensive alternative to the current belief that natural selection controls evolution. Recent research indicates that all organisms that can be seen with our eyes are an intimate collaboration of our innate cells and a vast co-habitating microbiome. Therefore, evolution must be appraised from within those crucial cellular terms.

My expertise in the microbiome and extensive medical training have led to a novel and academically sound approach to evolutionary development which also has broad implications for medical research and personal health.


The study of evolution and health should proceed through a framework that emphasizes our essential partnership with microbes and the immunological rules that govern those relationships.


Establish Cognition Based Evolution as a correction to the preponderant Darwinian selection-biased evolutionary narrative.

Advance research in the microbiome and in those patterns of microbial cooperation that lead to infectious diseases. This is the crucial common denominator for our own health and its proper understanding is critical to our stewardship of our planet.

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